Boundless -a Real Life Transhistorical Journey


Ola! Long time! Today am here to share a rather very-close-to-my-heart poem of mine that got recently published in The Harbinger Asylum magazine brought out quarterly by Transcendent Zero Press, under editor Dustin Pickering.

This poem is particularly close to my heart as this isn’t an imaginary piece of writing. This Really happened to me. Still happens. The Boundless time-space dimensions trans-historically just opens up before my mental eyes every time I practise any activity with Mindfulness. Present Moment Awareness.

I was recently listening to the famous Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and was pleasantly surprised to hear verbatim this phenomenon in one his talks, where he says with  practise of Mindfulness you are able to touch the historic dimensions..all past, present, future.. And I cannot agree more!

This poem here is an example of just that – when the mind stands still fully in the Present Moment Awareness, the entire historic dimension almost bursts open into your world and visions of ecstasy unfolds as you touch unseen real worlds across time and space. It’s Real! It Is possible! Hope my dear readers enjoy this one and are also pulled towards experiencing this magic!



I see
Floating in my frothy morning mug
Multitudes. Aeons of sweat and toil
Rising in brown scent of soil
My cup the holder of who knows how many
Hearts of the Dark Continent?

I touch
Gushing through my kitchen taps
Rivers, tributaries! Of Indus perhaps
Or the Tigris, the Mississippi
Endless miles of the Nile bathing me with
Blood and brine of Civilizations

I kiss
Rising coils of prayer between my lips
Perhaps ancient chants of pipe ceremonies
Birthed atop sacred Wayna Pichu old
Perhaps these rolled up leaves still hold
Maps of a Virgin land’s slavery?

I feel
Hugging my heirloom Cashmere piece
Breath of how many winter solstice
Ringing with bleets from Bethlehem
Irish hills, Aborigines fields teeming with
Shepherds of human Conscience

In each act – in every spec
That touch and melt in every thread
With Eden to Zion embedded in my loins
Boundaries I transgress

Boundless and I

Beauty and Eternal Beast
Entwined – enmeshed –
Harvest fields of Time and Space

© All rights reserved, Nivedita Dey, 2016


About TZP, it’s a niche nest of thinkers/poets/writers/artists and minds much out of the box! This quarter’s edition has some lovely pieces both by several renowned and new poets, along with Pulitzer Prize nominee 2008, Heller Levinson. Copies are widely available on Amazon and links are provided below if anyone wishes to grab a copy. 🙂

Website :

Links for copy of Harbinger Asylum :

India :

Worldwide :

Happy reading! Spread poetry. Spread Love.

Blogpost, poem and images © : Nivedita Dey, 2016


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