Blind Spine and Stalemate


A flippant slash
You’re blind to feel it
Only in skin
Look within
A gash so deep
You bleed as your dagger
Digs deep into another

Drop that coal!
Charred hands in vain
Busy burning faces
Palms it laces
With scariest scars
Too deep to ever heal
Crying hoarse for a sequel

This story never ends
Yet blindness pretends
Just one more trial
For justice we seek!
Meanwhile you reek
Along with your murderer
Your dagger as much in you
As it is in another

Read the distant clouds
Hear the thunder peal
It does reveal
One truth
Deaf ears don’t hear
Clench a two-tailed spear
Indeed! A two-way touché
You too bleed as blood you bay

© All rights reserved, Nivedita Dey, 2016


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