Relapse Reinterpreted


A milk train of dark night
Stopped short on track
Whistles you back
To the womb of wounds
And you sigh
And stare
At an unpromising sky

… ….

I wear my scars
With pride
Testimonial seals
Some call it a curse
Some others, tough life
And I long back
Have christened them ‘Proof’
Of battles, of Ubermensch
Of defeated javelins
Of jeopardised hope
Post mushroom cloud growths
Of isms, nihilisms
Of prophets of lies

… (contd)

Again two blogs come together for a cause.. a poem on mental health survival and relapses through the journey to recovery.. For the full poem please do visit my Mental Health Awareness Blog..

Kindly reblog if you feel this is a burning cause needing much attention and awareness in our broken world filled with our countless loved ones hurting in helpless silence. Thank you always for your readership, love, encouragement and support, dear all.

Author © (poem, note and images) All Rights reserved, Nivedita Dey, 2016


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