As I walk deeper than seen
On the happy crackle of dry leaf
Some others on boughs rustle
Hustle and bustle of happy children
Of Green – some yellow some brown,
Air-nymph whistles through their arms
Ruffles my warm jubilant tresses
Messes mischievously with me
Somewhere unseen a mellow knock
Thuck – Thuck – Thuck – Thuck!
A Hermit peckering away at wood
Chiseling out joy and a home
The bluest dome scatters
Softest cotton buds for my eyes
To wipe the sweat and fret off their corner
At another unseen corner
I trace the sweetest squeak, chirp, kiss
Must be feathered lovers at foreplay

Woodnotes sway – in and out
Of the dappled forest of multitude
Colors – red flames of the forest
With nest of brown house doves
Humming baritone baroque songs
Eyeing from its perching
Peace-lilies, peach, cherry blossoms
Pink, white petals Amaranthine
Sniffing softly the Love of the One
Who scatters Love notes through the scented air

And there the water too – punctuated by
Blob – Blob – of finned bubbles
Plop – plomp – of untimely falls
A green berry here a raw guava there
Like babies jumping into a swim
A frolic a dip among quips of
The bluest Kingfisher atop a floating log
Suddenly a loud quaking laughter
And louder flappings of ecstasy

Startles me – I look around
Lo! The whitest egret with a red crown
Is found – worshiping its Bird God
Upon one leg among hundreds of wings
Flapping quacking smacking of love
And the drooling beaver watches on
Between its soft pregnant dips and gulps
Of freshest water of the forest stream
Nearby a purr of playmate twins
Furred in richest cocoa coat
Growl howl chatter clatter of paws

Awes the senses this array
Of never-ending yet never-tiring notes
Until a sudden cabbage cloud bursts
Drowning every other prattle
With the philharmonic of pitter patter
Rising fast upto a canyon orchestra
Until again all subside to give rise
To return of cooings amidst the petrichor
Deep within a more original jungle
Non-concrete – discreet – they greet
Quenching my love-parched Soul –
These dewy woodnotes!

© All Rights belong to Nivedita Dey, 2016


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