Some Scents Can’t Be Named


There are no words
For some scented worlds
That linger upon memory’s nose

They never sprayed
The house those days
With pineapple lavender or rose

You jump from lists
To list and yet none fits
The game you play with your grey

Musty too damp a phrase
For that cool sharp graze
Whose name I search till this day

Eggy too indignified for
Mumma’s omlettes galore
Taste still tap dancing my tongue

Floral fruity woody et all
Find no room in the wooden hall
Table legs spread to play each morn

An airy hall with sunlight
A kitchen of palate’s delight
Smelling of known cheese and herbs

Recall that faded world
Jostle to find The word
End up with endless nouns and verbs

A smell smelling as this
Like Zen winter breeze
In spite of memorised hostilities

That space I love to hate
In its grave alive till date
With a mother’s blood and a father’s futilities

Memorial etched, Geez!
Timeless upon my nose bridge
A gap between vocab and sense

Nose does disagree
With words I now set free
Forever hang me upon that One fragrance

© All Rights belong to Nivedita Dey, 2016


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