Whispers from the Nest



A mossy cottage
In a larkspur lane of a lanky child
A cranky child cooing with doves
She saw behind the pane
On the sill father sealed
Dusting off and away with the nest
Unborn pigeon from squashed eggs
Still flutter inside the fragrant lane
Dappled with forgotten joy and
A Perennial pane

© All Rights belong to Nivedita Dey, 2016


4 thoughts on “Whispers from the Nest

    1. Yes.. as an extended imagery of the same window sill whence the nest was cleared out.. the pun serving as a conceit as that pane now looms large as an all pervasive symbol of all childhood memories “of forgotten joys and (root of all) perennial (pain)” .. but does it not work for you as a reader? Would love to know more..do let me know here.. thanks much Amit.. 🙂


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